Welcome to the Velorom LTD’s Terms and Conditions contract. We implore you to carefully peruse these Terms and Conditions before attempting to access, obtain and use any product/material, information or services. By accessing our Velorom LTD platform, you consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Should you decline all our Terms, you may not be allowed to use any feature on this website or other Velorom LTD platforms. The following Terms and Conditions will be operative as of the date ordered and apply exclusively to contractual and pre-contractual relationships between Velorom LTD, located at Druzhba 2, Unit 220, Entrance B, 3rd Floor, Sofia, 1582, Bulgaria as the interim Vendor of the products on this website and you, the Buyer, for the purchase of products. Please note that in these Terms and Conditions, “We”, “Our”, and “Vendor” refers to Velorom LTD, and “you”, “your”, and “Buyer” refers to you, the user of Velorom LTD’s website.

We reserve the sole right and discretion to amend or modify such Terms and Conditions for any reason and at any time. Future modifications will supersede prior obligations, and your continued use of Our services through orders, posts, or anywhere will be subject to the active Terms at your time of use. Please review the Terms and Conditions periodically to remain apprised of any updates that may come up. Should there be any significant change(s), the Vendor will notify you accordingly.

  1. Order Placement

The website of Velorom LTD, hereafter referred to as “Site”, may be used to place purchase orders by the Buyer. The Site is usable in the English language. Before placing an order, you should carefully review all information and input to ascertain that there are no errors and make corrections where deemed necessary. We advise that you make all corrections before clicking the “place order” tab, which nails down the order. Before placing an order, the Buyer can correct errors, review products’ details and pricing, and add or remove products from their cart.

By clicking the “place order” tab, the Buyer has agreed to initiate a purchase binding contract whose Terms and Conditions they must accept to transmit a purchase. After successfully placing the purchase order, a confirmation email will be sent to you by the Vendor stating that We have received your order. This email will contain the full details of your order but does not represent an official acceptance of the offer. The email purports to bring to the notice of the Buyer that their order has been received. The sale will be considered complete upon successful shipping of the ordered product, at which time the Buyer shall receive a second shipping confirmation order.

  1. Product Pricing and Description

Our Site contains innumerable products, and We take painstaking care to keep product pricing, details and descriptions as accurate as possible when We enter such products into the system. However, there is the possibility that there could be minor errors in a product’s price listing or description. Should the accurate price of the ordered product be higher than its listed price, Velorom LTD reserves the right to cancel your order anterior to providing a shipping confirmation. We may also choose to proceed with the order at the indicated price.

We list all products on Our Site in Euro (Euros, €), excluding the cost of delivery. Our Site automatically adds the delivery charges after you, the Buyer, has completed the order.

Two delivery options are available for shipping. This includes: International Unregistered Mail (€9,40) and has a delivery time between 14 and 21 business days and Trackable Courier Service (€24,20), which has an estimated delivery time of between 5 and 9 business days. Products are shipped from our suppliers’ warehouses located in different countries directly to the customer by such courier services like Poczta Polska, PostNL, Deutsche Post, DHL, India Post etc.

You will not be entitled to any compensation or cancellation of the contract except if gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the Vendor’s part or its supplier causes the delay. Should the delivery time exceed fourteen (14) days for Trackable services or thirty (30) days for Airmails, the Buyer will have the option to withdraw from the contract and may be entitled to a refund if they have made any payment.

If a product is not delivered, through no fault of the Seller’s, such as the supplier not fulfilling their requirements, the Seller will be allowed to terminate their contract with the Buyer. In this event, our team shall contact the Buyer immediately as to the unavailability of the product. All payments made will be refunded within thirty days (30), commencing from the day after the end of the delivery period.

All orders on Velorom LTD are shipped using trackable or international unregistered mailing services. We guarantee the insurance of every shipped item until items reach the Buyer’s address of record.

If delivery cannot be completed for any reason, such as the Buyer being absent at the recorded address, or the product not fitting in the Buyer’s main entrance, front door, back door, staircase or general location, the Buyer will cover the cost incurred by the unsuccessful delivery.

  1. Payment Policy

Velorom LTD’s Site accepts payments via credit cards (VISA, MasterCard or American Express). Credit card details are processed using SSL script (Secured Socket Layer), and We are not liable for any misuse of information by a third party. Using a credit card confirms that the card details entered are legitimately yours to use. When the Vendor has accepted your order, the product’s stipulated amount will be debited from the provided card.

Credit card users are subject to frequent security and validation checks. Velorom LTD will postpone delivery and contact you immediately if the card issuer refuses to release payment to us. Should this ensue, Velorom LTD will not be liable for any delays or failed delivery.

  1. Risk Policy

We send purchased products to the location provided by the Buyer. The delivery details are enumerated during shipping confirmation, and you should revise them carefully to ensure that there are no errors. Upon product delivery and onward, the Buyer assumes the risk of loss, larceny or damage/vandalism.

Velorom LTD will not remit any products until full payment has been made. Full payment comprises the purchase price and the transportation fees, inclusive of the overall cost.

  1. Policy of Returns
  2. Buyers should direct all returns to the Seller’s authorised address; Druzhba 2, Unit 220, Entrance B, 3rd Floor, Sofia, 1582, Bulgaria. The Buyer will also cover all expenses associated with product returns to the Vendor as part of the agreement. The Buyer should return the original product in its appropriate packaging, without mutilation to prevent rejection upon receipt. If you have used the product, you are advised not to bother placing a return request.
  1. Policy of Cancellations 

We at Velorom LTD accept cancellation requests to the best of our ability. However, the Buyer will be unable to modify or cancel their order if the product has already been shipped. While We try to attend to all requests, you only have an assured cancellation window of twenty-four (24) hours after an order has been placed. This is the best time to make adjustments, as the chances of cancelling or changing the order after the time window expires are slim.

Please review all product details and descriptions carefully before placing your order to avoid mistakes. However, if there’s a mistake, you should file a complaint with us as soon as possible so that We can start the process of correcting the order forthwith.

  1. Policy of Refunds

Should a customer’s delivery be foiled or they experience problems with the products or packaging, the customer may request a refund from Velorom LTD. We provide credit refunds using a credit transaction receipt, and refunds are made to the same credit card that the Buyer used to make the initial payment for the product. It typically takes two (2) to three (3) days to complete the refund process.

  1. Website Use Policy
  2. Registered Accounts

A Buyer may register on Our Site by creating an account. Should you choose to register, you will be required to input login details which consist of a unique username and password. Buyers should keep their email, username and password details confidential. Creating an account with us means that you accept full responsibility for all activities transacted under your account.

When you register an account with us, you certify that information given is accurate and not fraudulent, and Velorom LTD reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account at Our discretion and without prior notice if it is in our company’s best interest to do so.

  1. Website Access

By accessing Our Site, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions of use, as stated above, following any additional instructions for use and special warnings the Site may provide.

Use of this Site to disrupt, damage or compromise Velorom LTD‘s security measures and content are strictly prohibited. It is illegal to use this Site to spam emails, distribute, store, transmit, or destroy materials, with the intent to violate the law, patents, copyright, trademarks and other associated intellectual property rights in any manner perceived as gross, threatening or defamatory. WILFUL NEGLIGENCE OR FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE ITEMS PROPOSED IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WILL RENDER YOU LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE THAT YOUR ACTIONS MAY CAUSE TO Velorom LTD.

  1. Intellectual Property

The names and details of companies listed on Our Site are for identification purposes only. Therefore, all intellectual property, including names, brands, logos and other company or product details, are trademarks of their respective establishments. Our Site’s content which includes, but is not limited to, texts, images, graphics, buttons, software, and data compilations (from here on referred to as “content”), is the property of Velorom LTD. International Copyright Laws protect all the details and particulars.

The contents, trademarks, and any other portion of the Velorom LTD website may not be duplicated, reproduced, sold, resold, or modified without first receiving written consent for such action. Individuals may seek permission requests and inquiries either by sending an email to support@webhardwarestock.com, or in writing. Interested parties can submit letter-written requests to the address provided in the “Contact Us” information below.